Texas Literature Is An Adventure

Texas Book Publishers Association is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) advocate for Texas publishing through support, legislation, and education. We strive to improve the standards of published works and promote Texas literature ... even if it hair-lips the Pope.

"If during a decade, a man does not change his mind on some things and develop new points of view, it is a pretty good sign that his mind is petrified and need no longer be accounted among the living." - GUIDE TO LIFE AND LITERATURE OF THE SOUTHWEST, By J. Frank Dobie

Publishing Services.

If you are looking for a publisher or want to self-publish your book, we can help. We want you to keep the lion's share of the proceeds without shelling out your child's college fund.
We are your sherpa, your turk, your short cut...and we're pretty good at what we do.


Editorial acumen including context, content, grammar, let alone word choice, provides an enjoyable experience for the reader. Your story or novel will be canned when the reader stumbles through errors and cumbersome structures.


Your book cover sits along 40 or 50 other titles on the same page or web page in front of a distracted readers or buyer/broker’s waitng to be discovered. Within a few seconds, the cover must compel the viewer to click through and read more.


Graphics, Art, & Illustrations seperates your book or self-help publication apart from the ordinary. Cost control is imperative - idea maps can save up to 40% - we do this for our own titles and will show you how to do this for yours.

Title Search.

With over 130M books in the world, over 5M produced each year - how will yours stand out for the reader, critic, broker? A well crafted title gives you that edge you need for promotion and increased sales.

ISBN & ©Copyright.

ISBN Assignment - U.S. Copyright - & Library of Congress Control Number Following a qualified title search, we will register your title and ISBN along with a Library of Congress Control Number and Cataloging in Progress (CIP) if required.

Book Design.

Thoughtful book interiors to skllfully guide the reader from chapter to chapter, from the first page foreward. Indexing and bibliographical services are available.

Texas Book Publishers Association, 501(c)(3)

We strive to raise published works and promote Texas literature ... even if it hair-lips the Pope.

Preservation & Conservation.

We capture titles, original arts work and, photos, scan, formatted - corrected, documented, then digitized and make available for distribution and in our catalog for now and future generations.

Acquisitions and Assignments.

We have been known to acquired whole publishing houses and imprints for continued maintenance and publishing of titles to prevent the loss of Texas literature and history.


From the art of writing to the business of publishing, there is a mountain of information to consider and decisions to make. We offer help and education through our Letters, Journals and our directory of resources.


We advocate and promote Texas Literature and the Texas Independent Publisher through lectures, social media campaigns, static displays, content marketing, legislation and policy making.

Book Marketing Services

Some Book Marketing techniques and methods cost money, but not as much as you might think. The most effective marketing campaigns are run by the author and cost pennies. After 30 years, we have tuned a marketing campaign that nets results. You don't need a lot of money, just elbow grease.

Press Release

Formal & Web Optimized

The Press Release is the single most effective way of reaching millions of readers, buyers, brokers, and producers alike. We provide a professionally written, search-term-optimized press release, distributed to as many as 30,000 opt-in journalists and more than 250,000 news subscribers to get you in front of media outlets, newspapers, radio or TV.

Social Media Campaign

Proactive Friendliness

Your critical six-week campaign you will learn, plan for, and launch your own social media federation, with guided weekly goals and strategies. Minimum venues include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Online Marketing

Designer Web Spots

The omni-web-presence is one of the single greatest assets in your arsenal. The web site(s) represent you and your books 24/7, worldwide where you can develop relationships beyond your borders.

Book Tour

Online - In Person - Phone In

'All-Of-The-Above' book tour campaign leaves no stone unturned. You should consider, not just bookstores, but schools, libraries, civic organizations, medium to large corporations. Each stop should also include reaching out to the local media groups, radio, tv, newspaper.

Book Reviews

Never Pay for Another Review!

The right review by the hands of reputable and professional book reviewers sends an overwhelming message to readers, buyers, book stores and book brokers.

Get In Touch.

Est. March 2016 as a 501(3)c Texas Non-Profit, made up of like-minded publishers, editors, artist, authors with the will and persistence to push forward the matter of Independent Texas Publishing. Drop us a line.